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ANC demonstrates double standards with distribution of Covid-19 pamphlets that could spread virus

The distribution of the Covid-19 information pamphlets, which in itself already poses the risk of spreading the virus, demonstrates that the government has a misperception of responsible governing or is trying to create the impression that it is acting responsibly, but it actually has double standards and a hidden agenda.

Today during a meeting of the joint Committee on Communication, the FF Plus posed a question about this and in response, the Minister of the Presidency, Jackson Mthembu, was unable to indicate whether the government had put measures in place to prevent the virus from spreading though the handling and distribution of the pamphlets.

Thus far, the government has already printed and distributed thousands of pamphlets to inform South Africans about the disease.

The very real danger exists that these pamphlets are like the proverbial Trojan horse. It takes only one asymptomatic person to contaminate thousands of pamphlets and, consequently, infect numerous communities.

The distribution of pamphlets is, therefore, just as dangerous as the possible contact between smokers and alcohol consumers.

This comes down to double standards, but the government does not want to admit it seeing as the ANC ideology determines that it must exert full control over the state and ensure that all South Africans are completely subservient to the state.

That is not democracy. That is tyranny, which acts like it cares, but is actually depriving all South Africans of their personal freedom.

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