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ANC, DA must both bear the blame for clashes and violence between black and coloured people in Cape Town

The FF Plus agrees with the coloured community of Mitchells Plain who blames the ANC for the violence of the past few days.

Yesterday, the community voiced the opinion, which the FF Plus also holds, that large numbers of people from particularly the Eastern Cape are allowed to stream into the Cape Metro, where they settle in informal settlements and then demand free service delivery and housing while there is an equally great need for these things among the established local communities.

This has created a volatile situation between coloured residents of Mitchells Plain and residents of a black settlement, which is right across the street in some places. There have already been incidences of stone-throwing and violent clashes between the two groups.

In a live television broadcast earlier today, unhappy residents of Mitchells Plain said that they have been living in the area for years, that they pay rates and taxes for the services and that they are also desperately in need of housing.

The people say that it is unfair that they have to pay and make a contribution to the region’s economy, while the newcomers “burn down, loot and commit violence” in the area if they don’t get free service delivery and housing at once.

It is not only the ANC that must be blamed for the volatile situation, but also the DA-controlled city council. If people are allowed to settle in the region, then measures must be put in place to accommodate these people.

This was, however, not done and the FF Plus is calling on the Metro to immediately address this long-drawn-out situation in all seriousness as it has the potential to get completely out of hand.

Those who doubt that the DA does not care about the unbridled influx and squatting, can simply take a walk through the Company’s Garden and around Parliament to see how bad the situation in the heart of Cape Town has become.

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