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After FF Plus request, Minister will appear before Portfolio Committee to discuss draft health regulations

On request of the FF Plus, the Minister of Health, Joe Phaahla, will first appear before the parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health before publishing the draft health regulations meant to replace the state of disaster.

In the meantime, the public's comments and input regarding the matter are still being processed.

The FF Plus's stance on the matter is that it would be better to withdraw and totally scrap the proposed regulations.

It is clearly an attempt to make the temporary powers afforded by the state of disaster permanent; these include regulations relating to the surveillance and the control of notifiable medical conditions, public health measures in point of entry, and environmental health.

The proposed regulations are considered to be a continued effort by the ANC government to abuse its power after it had abused its expanded powers during the Covid-19 state of disaster.

Regarding the public participation process, the FF Plus will insist that the number of comments submitted by stakeholders on the proposed regulations must be disclosed.

The number of stakeholders who are for and against the draft regulations must also be clearly indicated.

The FF Plus will see to it that the public and other interested parties' comments are given the consideration they deserve before a final decision is made about the regulations.

If the regulations are simply pushed through, the entire public participation process and the parliamentary process will be only for show.

Government's abuse of power must not be tolerated.




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