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A lot of work still lies ahead to stop Secrecy Bill

The cynical quote of George Orwell in his book ‘1984’ that freedom is equal to slavery is fast becoming a reality in South Africa, Adv. Anton Alberts, the Freedom Front Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on Communication says.

He said the governing elite can – according to the ANC – only be free if the masses are suppressed through manipulation, as it appears from the Orwell book. Transformation has become the instrument in South Africa through which it is largely being done.

The Bill therefore has a very central place in the process of social manipulation in the country. In Orwell’s book Big Brother’s favourite instrument is the ability to control all forms of information, expression and identity.

“In our own ‘1984’ we see a Bill which reflects exactly that by creating the possibility to manipulate a community through the control of information and thereby undermining the Constitution by alienating the rights of freedom of speech and information of the residents of the country.

“The ANC’s taking over the government in 1994 had effectively become South Africa’s 1984.

“The fact that the Bill had to be panel-beated so many times due to the opposition’s concerns is testimony of the ANC not having the most innocent of intentions with this Bill.

“This Bill united the opposition, civil society and even staunch ANC supporters such as Adv. George Bizos, against the ANC. It is only this opposition which saw to the ANC giving up several draconian clauses.

“Although many of the changes had been brought about by the hard work of parliamentarians a lot of work still lies ahead to stop the implementation of the Bill.

“The future does not have to be like the past. It can be better. One thing is however certain and that is that there will have to be a continued struggle against the ANC to accomplish this,” Adv. Alberts said.


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