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Lesufi’s racism advisory council for education is born out of the sin of racial prejudice

The FF Plus has ascertained from the response by the Gauteng MEC for Education, Panyasa Lesufi, to a question in the provincial Legislature that the education racism advisory council, which will be tasked with investigating teachers and learners for inclinations of racism, is born out of the sin of racial prejudice.

According to the written reply that the FF Plus received from Lesufi, the main reason why the council will be established is the incidence of white-on-black racism.

No mention is made of black-on-white racism. It is, thus, abundantly clear that the council will be established in order to investigate white teachers and learners in a biased manner without any consideration of reversed racism and discrimination.

The FF Plus considers the creation of the council as unconstitutional because it is one-sided and will arbitrarily discriminate against white teachers and learners. The party will lodge a formal complaint with the human rights commission (HRC).

The planned frame of reference of the proposed council puts forward, among other things, examples of where black learners are excluded from schools and where language and religion are used as basis for exclusion as rationale for the creation of the council.

This in itself serves as proof that the proposed council will be used to collect so-called data to target non-English schools and force them to change their language policy based on incidents of alleged racism.

In essence, the examples provided are actually ANC-code aimed for hurting Afrikaans schools and forcing all schools to become multilingual, which will eventually result in all schools becoming predominantly English. Thus, the FF Plus views this council as no more than a weapon that will be used to speed up the destruction of Afrikaans and all other non-English schools.

The irony of the matter is that Afrikaans parents' tax money will be used to establish the council and pay its members who are determined to help destroy these people's culture and language. Afrikaans schools already only comprise a mere 6% of all schools in Gauteng.

Clearly Lesufi's obsession with racial-politics has given birth to yet another polarising monster, this time in the form of a Soviet-era racism police that spy on innocent citizens.

The FF Plus will not tolerate this and will do everything in its power to stop the creation of such a council.



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