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Hate speech on social media will inevitably lead to racial hate and may not be tolerated

Hate speech and incitement to violence on social media will inevitably lead to polarisation and racialism in South Africa and the FF Plus will continue to report any and all such incidents to the designated authorities and will insist that it must be investigated so that it does not become the accepted norm.

The FF Plus again lodged a formal complaint with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) earlier today against Banyise Nkosi Jones for incitement to racial violence on his Facebook page where he posted a photo of a white toddler with the caption saying, among other things, that the child is a "little pig" and that he will soon be "slaughtered" like an animal.

In response to this post, one of Jones' Facebook "friends", Sizwe Makathini, commented that "boere" must be murdered because "Ramaphosa's administration" will not take action (“will turn a blind eye…”).

There is no doubt that hate speech like that incites farm murders and racial violence. It is especially alarming that hateful racists in the black community, like these people, are under the impression that the ANC government and President Cyril Ramaphosa are indeed disregarding farm murders and are, therefore, silently condoning it.

"For a long time, the FF Plus has been seriously concerned by the President's silence and lack of action from the government's side regarding the matter of farm attacks and the party has frequently called on the President to respond and take action."

Hateful messages like these also serve as proof that the FF Plus's view of the government's silence – that their silence gives consent – has already taken root among the people as well. The government must take note of this.

A month ago, the FF Plus lodged a similar complaint with the HRC against a Twitter profile with the name @BLudidi that also encouraged the murder of white people in a tweet.

The FF Plus will take up the matter with the President, as it always does, and will see to it that the HRC gives the complaint the serious consideration it is due.



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