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Government is not really serious about fighting crime in South Africa

Crime in South Africa is out of control. More than 58 murders are committed per day. Every 3 hours, a woman is murdered and 114 rapes occur every day. The ANC government has obviously failed in doing its duty to protect the country's citizens.


The latest crime statistics regarding children indicate that murder has increased with 3%, attempted murder has increased with 11,8% and sexual offences with 3,8%.

President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to paint a beautiful picture of how much the ANC government cares about the women and children affected by gender-based violence. He is trying to polish the ANC's image by announcing with great fanfare that the funds allocated to the fight against gender-based violence will be increased from R1,1 billion to R1,6 billion.

He is also spinning a story about the urgency of implementing the five-fold plan against gender-based violence. But the reality is an entirely different story. The ANC is busy using gender-based violence as a cheap political ploy while people are being hurt and killed. Examples are splattered all over the media every day. But then the government is silent.


When it comes to crimes against farmers, they should rather be called crimes against the agricultural community seeing as a crime committed against a farmer actually does affect the whole community. And not only locally, but across the entire country as it is one of the biggest factors that threaten food security.


In August this year, 45 farm attacks and 4 murders were reported. In September, 46 attacks and 7 murders and in October, 28 attacks and 3 murders. It just does not stop. Over the last decade, farm attacks have increased with 60%.


The extraordinary brutality associated with these farm attacks and murders is well documented. And yet the government still maintains that they are no more than ordinary crimes that do not need to be prioritised.


There are, however, solutions to be found. The rural safety plan can play a significant role in resolving this if it is implemented correctly. Rural police stations must be supplied with the necessary manpower and equipment to fight crimes in those areas.

More plans, more proposal and more committees will not help. It will not prevent a single attack or save a single life. Action must be taken immediately.




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