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Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus welcomes Robert Mugabe’s decision to resign

The FF Plus commends the peaceful process that transpired in Zimbabwe and that lead to the decision of the former president, Robert Mugabe, to resign. It seems like he has finally come to realise the true state of affairs in the country, says Dr Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus.

Dr Groenewald says that if one takes note of the spontaneous joy of the Zimbabwean citizens, it becomes evident that they felt severely oppressed during Mugabe’s rule. They were living in poverty and suffered famine, while the Mugabe family and its supporters clearly lived in luxury.

President Jacob Zuma and the ANC would do well to take note of the fact that voters do reach a point where their patience runs out when they have to live in poverty because the government is corrupt and abuses power. Zimbabwe’s peaceful revolution could very easily spill over to South Africa.

The FF Plus is hopeful that democracy will now be established in Zimbabwe and that Mugabe’s successor will not abuse his or her power to further oppress the Zimbabweans.

We hope that the new government will create favourable conditions so that Zimbabwe can rebuild its economy and that the country’s people, that currently find themselves in South Africa, can return there and help to rebuild the country to the economic benefit of the entire region.



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