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FF Plus supports notion that certain categories of prisoners should do hard labour

The FF Plus has always supported the notion of hard labour for prisoners, particularly those who have been found guilty of more serious crimes and the party, thus, agrees with the statements made by President Cyril Ramaphosa in this regard.

This past week during a visit to the family of the student Precious Ramabulana (21), who was murdered in Mokomene in Limpopo, the President said that people convicted of crimes against women and children must do hard labour while imprisoned.


The FF Plus would like to see that all hardened criminals, not only those who are guilty of crimes against women and children, but also those who have committed other serious offences, like murder, rape and armed robbery, are not sent to prison to simply enjoy life there.


They must do hard labour, like producing their own food, so that taxpayers do not have to cover the living expenses of thousands of heartless criminals who are living carefree in prison.

Other preventative measures, like a comprehensive register for sex offenders, are indeed also important, but what is even more important is that prisons should become places that once again instil fear and where true rehabilitation can take place.


It happens all too often that people who have committed serious offences, commit the very same crimes again shortly after being released. And that rightly creates the impression that imprisonment serves no purpose when it comes to being a deterrent.


The FF Plus will support any meaningful and feasible proposal to implement hard labour measures for certain categories of prisoners.

The crime rate in South Africa is unacceptably high and the high incidence of serious violent crimes creates the impression that criminals have no respect for the country's criminal justice system. It has to change.




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