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Government must stop interfering in economy

The ANC government could come up with nothing but plan after plan that have all failed in the past and severely damaged the South African economy – these plans will surely not save the country's economy now.

The government must stop interfering in the economy and should instead ensure that a favourable environment is created for the private sector to flourish.

Unemployment and poverty are on the rise and the country's money taps are starting to run dry. The situation was critical even before Covid-19 broke out. Th pandemic and restrictions only nudged us closer to the edge of ruin.

These factors also inevitably cause the tax base to shrink while government expenditure, including government debt, is increasing drastically. New, feasible plans are needed. Hackneyed rhetoric will achieve nothing.

To grow, the country needs dedicated government policy to create a favourable environment for investments and economic growth as well as meaningful fiscal planning.



There is talk of the redistribution of wealth. In reality, there is nothing but poverty to redistribute. The time has come to create wealth and not to redistribute it.

In order to do this, the government must create an environment in which the private sector can grow and create equal opportunities for all. This will require less restrictive labour legislation, abolishing policies such as expropriation without compensation that deter investors and for the government to fulfil its basic duties, like maintaining infrastructure.

The government must establish an environment with equal opportunities for all – one free of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment and cadre privilege through, among other things, tender enrichment. All these things come down to the theft of tax money.

The FF Plus does not support the amended fiscal framework. It does not address the issue of the government's unsustainable wage bill as well as the crisis with the public enterprises, like the SAA and SA Express.

The R100 billion that is earmarked for job creation makes no sense. No government can sustainably keep creating jobs. These funds must rather be used for the development and maintenance of infrastructure so as to create an environment that allows the private sector to flourish and create more jobs.

Plans that are not feasible are no more than dreams. At present, the government has no feasible plans to establish sustainable economic growth in the long term.



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