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FF Plus overjoyed by triumph for animal welfare

The FF Plus's plea to the parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Trade and Industry for the welfare of animals in South Africa was successful and brings good news just before the festive season: financial support to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) will not be discontinued.

The National Lottery Commission decided eraly 2018 to no longer fund the SPCA. The decision would have severely restricted the functioning of the organisation and the SPCA said that it will be forced to drastically reduce the free services it renders in 'poor communities'.

The FF Plus pointed out that the decision was short sighted and that it would bring about great animal suffering, particularly in rural and poorer communities

Beasts of burden like donkeys, horses and oxen that are used for transport and to work the land in rural areas would have been the worst off. This important service would have had to be terminated after 62 years.

Shortly after the Lottery Commission's announcement, the FF Plus undertook to take up the matter with the Commission in an attempt to overturn the decision. Today, the Commission confirmed that it has reconsidered the matter and that the SPCA will indeed receive funding.

The SPCA has been doing great things for animals and their owners for decades and it would have been tragic if animals in need could no longer be helped.

A community’s standard of civilization is directly related to the way it treats its animals. The love between humans and animals and caring for animals have the power to bring healing to our communities.




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