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EFF may no longer be allowed to fan the flames of racial conflict

The ANC government has been turning a blind eye to the EFF and its leaders who have been going out of their way to encourage racial conflict in South Africa for much too long now. The events that transpired at Brackenfell High School this morning are the latest in a series of incidents where emotions ran high and were almost driven to boiling point.

It is unacceptable and ironic that the EFF, which makes no secret of its resentment towards farmers, white people and Afrikaans, is now trying to play moral watchdog over the Afrikaner and is using threats of violence as a means to achieve its goal. 

This morning's incident is strongly reminiscent of what happened at Overvaal High School in Vereeniging when the EFF held violent protests to have English-speaking learners enrolled in the school.

The FF Plus is relieved that emotions did not boil over at Brackenfell High School this morning even though some individuals did get involved in a scuffle and the police had to intervene to keep the parents and the EFF apart.

It is only a matter of time before this kind of conduct ends in tragedy.

The FF Plus has warned repeatedly in Parliament that this kind of racial provocation cannot continue indefinitely.

It is like playing with matches in a field of dry grass and there is an excess of dry grass in South Africa at the moment precisely due to the EFF's inflammatory behaviour, hate speech as well as incitement to violence and intimidation.

The government must intervene before it is too late. The fact that no action is taken creates the impression that the ANC is silently condoning what is currently happening.




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