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Freedom Front Plus

Good news about schools that can re-open – on FF Plus request

The FF Plus is overjoyed about the announcement that schools that are adequately prepared can re-open immediately and fully. The covert way in which this announcement was made, without any media coverage, in the Government Gazette (no. 43381) of 1 June 2020, however, raises a few questions.

According to the Government Gazette, schools could have indeed re-opened on the 1st of June for Grades 7 and 12 and the phased-in schedule for the other grades is also provided. And then there is the important announcement that schools that meet the necessary requirements can deviate from that schedule if they obtain permission.

This concession is an important victory for school communities that have gone to great lengths to ensure that their schools are adequately prepared to re-open. The FF Plus is convinced that these schools will establish the best practices, which will benefit all other schools as well.



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