Who is the FF Plus?


South Africa is facing an abyss

We are harassed by crime, unemployment, corruption, discrimination and land expropriation.

There is however hope!


What is the solution?

  1. Defeat the ANC through coalition politics (FF Plus can govern together with other opposition parties in Gauteng);
  2. Stop policies and legislation which hamper job-creation;
  3. Stop racial discrimination;
  4. Stop affirmative action and Black Economic Empowerment which are based on race alone;
  5. Implement mother-tongue education;
  6. Implement the protection of minority rights and self-determination;
  7. Retain private property rights.


The FF Plus is your watchdog, fights for your rights and is a future governing partner for a better future without the ANC.


The FF Plus is the natural home of all whom:

  • believe in Christian values;
  • believe crime has to be actively tackled and corruption has to be eradicated;
  • strive for economic prosperity and progress;
  • are proud of their identity and strive for the protection of their culture, education and values;
  • believe that all 11 official languages in South Africa should be promoted equally.


Did you know?

  • The FF Plus is the only party which voted against the new stricter Black Economic Empowerment Act (Parliament, June 2013).
  • The FF Plus says stop racial discrimination where the wealthy black elite is enriched further at the expense of poor South Africans.
  • The FF Plus is the only party which stands up against the ANC’s propaganda lies about the history and land ownership in South Africa (Parliament 2012).
  • The FF Plus is the only party which demands that farm attacks be declared a priority crime.
  • The FF Plus is the only party which opposes legislation and policies which hampers job-creation.
  • The FF Plus is the only party which offers real solutions for a better future.


Thus, vote FF Plus! For a better future!


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