Can the FF Plus achieve success

The FF Plus has achieved the following successes amongst others:

-  Transnet pensioners: The largest legal claim in South Africa’s history is at present being instituted by an independent legal team on behalf of impoverished pensioners;

-  Negotiate exemption from property tax for person older than 70 years living in the Johannesburg Metro;

-  Wins the court case against the ANC government which allows South Africans living abroad to vote;

-  Stops the proposed implementation of the e-toll in Gauteng before Christmas 2012 and continues to fight the implementation of the e-tolls;

-  Wins the court case in which “kill the boer, kill the farmer” is declared to be hate speech;

-  Ensures in Parliament that white women and disabled people are also considered for empowerment and continues to oppose discrimination against white and brown men;

-  Through the leader’s position as deputy minister, the promulgated change of Pretoria’s name is withdrawn during February 2010 (Parliament, 17 February 2010).

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