Debat op die Wysigingswetsontwerp vir Minerale- en Petroleumhulpbronne-ontwikkeling / Debate on Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill

Adv Anton Alberts


Minister, today I would like to talk directly to you and address a matter of great concern for us. While there are various issues of concern contained in this Bill, the most pressing matter for us relates to property rights.

In my informal discussions with parliamentary members of the... Read more

Oorweging van Verslag: 2014 Fiskale Raamwerk en Inkomstevoorstelle / Consideration of Report: 2014 Fiscal Framework and Revenue Proposals

Adv Anton Alberts

Speaker/ Deputy Speaker

Minister Gordhan, we admit that you have a very difficult job. There are many competing issues and causes worthy of intervention and funding, but one cannot due to limited income attend to all as one would like. We think you are doing a good job in the circumstances and for ... Read more

VF Plus Manifesbekendstelling / FF Plus Manifesto 2014, Pretoria

Dr Pieter Mulder

Chairperson, Ladies and Gentlemen,

This year the ANC is governing South Africa for 20 years. The question is: Are the problems of the country after 20 years fewer or more? Are we better off or worse?

The ANC says they have a good story to tell. The Freedom Front Plus says it is a sad story.

In... Read more

Debate on Gauteng Premier’s State of the Province Address

Jaco Mulder

Honourable Madam Speaker, Premier Mokonyane, MEC’s, members and guests in the house

South Africa and Gauteng is a community of communities - a kaleidoscope of spiritual, cultural and linguistic groups; different people with different backgrounds that live together in the same country and... Read more

Class action against Transnet by Transnet pensioners

Adv Anton Alberts

The Freedom Front Plus can, with great satisfaction, announce that we are on the eve of the class action against Transnet where the 70 000 Transnet pensioners will be claiming damages of nearly R80 billion from Transnet and the government.

The legal team has indicated that their heads of argument... Read more

Die Nasionale Kredietwysigingswetsontwerp / National Credit Amendment Bill

Adv Anton Alberts

Die Vryheidsfront Plus is in die algemeen ‘n party wat glo dat die vryemark beskerm moet word en redelik onbelemmerd moet funksioneer. Tog is daar gevalle waar ‘n onbelemmerde mark geweldige ontberings kan veroorsaak. Dit is dan ook die geval met kredietverlening.

Any modern economy... Read more

Repliek op die Openingsrede van die Premier van die Vrystaat

Wouter Wessels

Honourable Speaker,

I would very much like to congratulate the honourable premier with his concerted efforts to portray an absolute horror story as a fairy tale. A very fictional farfetched tale, that is. A picture of the Free State and South Africa very different from the reality ordinary... Read more

Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Bill

Dr Pieter Mulder


Verlede week, toe ons oor aspekte van hierdie wet moes stem, het die VF Plus daarteen gestem terwyl die ANC en die DA daarvoor gestem het. Hoekom het ons so gestem?

For a period of five years up to 1998, any person could institute a land claim. A total of approximately 80 000 (79 696)... Read more

Reply to pres. Zuma's State of the Nation Address

Dr Pieter Mulder

Speaker, What is the saddest story that I have read in recent times?

KwaZulu-Natal advertised 90 posts for new traffic officers. How many people do you think applied for those 90 positions?

30 000 desperate South African jobseekers applied for the 90 positions.

The authorities decided to put... Read more


Dr Pieter Mulder


As Christene glo ons volgens psalm 146 om nie op prinse te vertrou nie en dat alle mag, ook die mag van leiers, van God af kom.

As oud-president Nelson Mandela vandag hier was, sou hy beslis beswaar gemaak het teen die wyse waarop van hom ’n ikoon en ’n bo-menslike wese... Read more

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