The increasing racial tension and conflict in South Africa especially in universities and its detrimental effect on the country’s development.

Dr Pieter Mulder

Who is racist and who isn’t? In South Africa there is currently a serious debate about racism. We are the chosen representatives of the people. We have to provide leadership. To date, there hasn’t been a debate about this issue in Parliament. That’s why I asked this debate.

We... Read more

FF Plus response to Pres. Zuma’s 2016 SONA

Dr Pieter Mulder


In Northern Ireland the saying goes that a bridge and a traitor have one thing in common – they both go over to the other side. We saw something of those emotions in yesterday’s debates.

In Northern Ireland they killed each other for years over religious differences.

In... Read more

Cape Town Press Club asks Dr. Corné Mulder of the FF Plus to act as president for one day

Dr Corné Mulder

The Cape Town Press Club asked Dr. Corné Mulder, chief whip of the FF Plus, today to stand in the president’s shoes and offer an alternate State of the Nation Address.

In his version, Dr. Mulder said that he would in particular be guided by the South African Constitution which... Read more

Member statement in parliament: Government doesn't have any understanding of the crisis SA agricultural sector is experiencing

Dr Pieter Mulder

The South African agricultural sector is experiencing a very serious crisis and it appears as if government doesn’t have any understanding of it. According to media reports they don’t intend doing anything about it either.

To farm successfully, a farmer needs basic resources such as... Read more

Debate in parliament on transformation in Higher Education

Dr Pieter Mulder

When dissatisfied students march on parliament, the police should not stop them, but rather invite them inside so that they may personally confront the architects of the country’s many problems, of which study fees are but one, Dr. Pieter Mulder, FF Plus leader, said today during a... Read more

Erfenismaand-toespraak in die Vrystaatse Wetgewer

Wouter Wessels

By definition it is the full range of our inherited traditions, monuments, objects and culture. We have natural heritage which include fauna and flora. Then there is cultural heritage – the legacy of physical artefacts and intangible attributes of a group, community or society.

South Africa... Read more

Tweede Lesingsdebat: Onderhoudswysigingswetsontwerp

Adv Anton Alberts

This Bill, that serves to bring justice to maintenance matters pending the finalization of the South African Law Reform Commission’s review, is a welcome change to the current maintenance system.

Daar is geen twyfel dat die onderhoudstelsel soos dit tans daar uitsien gebrekkig is nie.... Read more

Die implikasies van die bywoning en vertrek van pres. Omar al-Bashir van die Afrika Unie Beraad in Suid-Afrika

Dr Pieter Mulder

Wat is goeie leierskap?

’n Leier moet die toekoms antisipeer en vroegtydig stappe doen in belang van sy organisasie om verleentheid of skade vir sy organisasie te voorkom. Hy moet dus oor die bult moeilikheid betyds kan sien aankom. Pres. Zuma en die ANC-regering het dit nie gedoen nie en... Read more

Eerste Lesingsdebat: Begrotings Wetsontwerp – 2015

Adv Anton Alberts

Agbare Speaker,

Minister, due to your job you are obliged to deal honestly with reality. Therefore, it must be frustrating to deal with the ideological games being played by your fellow ministers that hamper financial planning by introducing policy uncertainty, counter-productive programs and... Read more

Pres. Zuma se begrotingsposdebat: Pres. Zuma in stryd met Grondwet oor sy verdelende uitsprake

Dr Pieter Mulder

President Jacob Zuma is ywerig om geskiedenislesse uit te deel. Sy uitsprake, soos op Afrikadag toe hy gesê het daar was vrede in Afrika tot ‘ander’ in die land opgedaag het, waar hy duidelik na wittes verwys, maak dit egter duidelik dat die president self ʼn geskiedenisles nodig... Read more

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