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Department of Social Development abandons the most vulnerable in South Africa

Tammy Breedt

(Parliamentary Budget Vote Debate: Social Development)

The Department of Social Development and its entities were supposed to play a key role during the past Covid-19 state of disaster and be a light at the end of a very dark tunnel for the most needy in South Africa.

The reality, however, is... Read more

FF Plus submits proposals for securing the notorious Numbi Gate route for tourists

Werner Weber

A safety plan for tourists in Mpumalanga was unanimously accepted after the FF Plus tabled it in the provincial Legislature.

The plan focuses specifically on the area near the Kruger National Park's Numbi Gate.

Over the past few weeks, numerous visitors to the Kruger National Park were robbed by... Read more

Important admission by Nzimande regarding Afrikaans and Nama, but do not expect too much

Dr. Wynand Boshoff

The FF Plus welcomes the admission by the Minister of Higher Education, Dr Blade Nzimande – albeit reluctant – that Afrikaans and Nama are indigenous languages.

This admission follows after the ANC's own legal advisor reportedly informed him that his opinion is untenable.

Controversy... Read more

Emfuleni’s clumsy management of sewage pumping stations demonstrates why the municipality is collapsing

Gerda Senekal

The FF Plus considers the clumsy management of sewage pumping stations in the Emfuleni Local Municipality (Evaton, Sebokeng, Vaal Oewer, Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging) as a clear sign of why this municipality, which is under ANC rule, is collapsing.

One example is the West Side Park sewage pumping... Read more

Planned flagpole of R22 million demonstrates how misguided department’s priorities are

Heloïse Denner

(Parliamentary Budget Vote Debate: Department of Sport, Arts and Culture)

When a crippled national government department plans to use its funds to erect a 100m-tall monumental flag at a cost of R22 million, it demonstrates how misguided its priorities are.

It also demonstrates why the Department... Read more

ANC is divisive factor in South Africa

Peter Marais

(Debate in Western Cape Legislature: The commitment to a non-racial and united SA)

The FF Plus is committed to upholding the Constitution in its entirety, but that is no miracle cure for all our political problems.

The government's constant pleas for non-racialism and a united South Africa proves ... Read more

Requested: Politically significant post-school educational institutions that give expression to communities

Dr. Wynand Boshoff

(Parliamentary Budget Vote Debate: Department of Higher Education and Training)

In the Budget Vote Debate on Higher Education today, the FF Plus pointed out the deep-rooted differences over the role of post-school education.

The state's views often determine the views of all levels of education.

... Read more

The more plans and programmes there are, the worse the public service becomes

Heloïse Denner

(Parliamentary Budget Vote Debate: Public Service and Administration)

Despite the challenges with the recent national census survey, it seems that Statistics SA is the only state enterprise in South Africa that still instils some confidence. The rest of the public service pales in comparison.

It... Read more

ANC isolates South Africa with foreign policy stuck in its ideological past

Dr Corné Mulder

(Parliamentary Budget Vote Debate: International Relations and Cooperation)

The ANC government is increasingly isolating South Africa with a foreign policy desperately clinging to the ANC's ideological struggle past.

With regard to the Middle East, the 2011 White Paper with the theme "Building a... Read more

South African Judiciary is in jeopardy – decisive measures are needed to turn it around

Jaco Mulder

(Parliamentary Budget Vote Debate: Office of the Chief Justice)

The South African Judiciary is in jeopardy, and decisive and extraordinary measures must be implemented to remedy this alarming reality.

None of the articles of faith in the South African Constitution are necessarily credible.

In... Read more

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