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Weak ANC leadership allows EFF to get away with reckless statements

Extremely weak leadership of the ANC leads to the EFF getting away with reckless statements about the national anthem and symbols and statues from our history.

The EFF asked on Heritage Day that “Die Stem” be removed from the national anthem and Afrikaans heroes and statues, such as that of Paul Kruger, are removed permanently.

With this, the EFF is in a calculating manner set on dividing the country in clashing white and black poles without caring about the consequences of it at all.

Previous ANC leaders such as president Mandela and Mbeki would have pointed out the irresponsibility and consequences of these EFF statements a long time ago already.

President Zuma is so worried about his legacy and the other ANC leaders are so worried about their popularity in the ANC succession race and do not have the courage to call the EFF to order.

Whited and Afrikaners played a big role in making South Africa the economic giant of Africa. These EFF statements, to which the ANC does not react, leads to whites and Afrikaners losing their confidence in South Africa’s future and gradually start withdrawing financially and otherwise from the country. This without a doubt plays a role in the gradual economic decline of South Africa, where Nigeria has already surpassed our economy.


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