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Vaccinations and vaccination passports must not be used as a way to punish the country’s citizens

The FF Plus takes note of yesterday's statement by the Human Rights Commission (HRC), which made it very clear that although the government is not considering making vaccinations compulsory, the option remains as "a last resort".

The FF Plus's view on compulsory vaccination is that the government would be making a very big mistake if it were to impose vaccinations and vaccination passports and that all citizens must be afforded the opportunity and choice to exercise their democratic and constitutional rights.

Concerning vaccination passports, access to sporting events, shops, churches, restaurants and even medical services must not be denied if a person is not vaccinated.

Such persons must have the option of producing a negative Covid-19 test to gain access to public places.

In the FF Plus's view, if people who are not vaccinated are denied access to public places, it would amount to a violation of their human and constitutional rights.

It would come down to an attempt to punish the public for the government's incompetence and failure to start negotiations for the procurement of vaccinations last year and implementing the vaccination programme in good time.

Furthermore, the government's communication with the public about why vaccinations must be taken to combat the pandemic also fell short.

Compulsory vaccinations will only make the public revolt and the government must instead attempt to persuade the public that getting vaccinated is the best way to combat the pandemic.

The Covid-19 Command Council, the Minister of Health, Joe Phaahla, and Cabinet must think very carefully before they steer the entire country in a direction that is doomed to fail and that may result in disorder and violence.



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