The world must take note of the massacre of South African farmers

Jan van Niekerk

Yet another farmer was brutally murdered this week while his wife was presumably raped and stabbed. The FF Plus will continue to do everything in its power to inform the international community of the massacre of South African farmers.

In the latest incident, a farm manager (40) and his wife (39) from Ladybrand were attacked on Monday evening (19 March) at around 19:00, shortly after they arrived home on the farm Brandenberg, which is approximately 5km from Ladybrand.

Both were tied up and the man was stabbed to death. The woman was also stabbed and raped according to media reports. She was able to break free later on and went to look for help on foot. The couple has three children. A daughter aged 14 and two sons aged 11 and 7.

The unrecorded tragedy of farm attacks in which hundreds of farmers were killed over the last few decades, lies in the devastating effect it has on the victims’ next of kin. Like in this case where three young children will have to grow up without a father and where a mother will probably have to contend with serious emotional wounds for the rest of her life.

If there is one thing we can glean from the ANC government’s arrogant response last week to Australia’s statements about farm attacks and expropriation without compensation, it is the following:

They are shooting the messenger while ignoring the message altogether. The message conveys the hard facts of farm murders and expropriation without compensation, which the ANC government is working so hard to accomplish.

The FF Plus will remain relentless in its attempts to inform the rest of the world of this. That is why the FF Plus Leader, Dr Pieter Groenewald, is traveling to Brussels in Belgium later this week: to ensure that the world takes note of the dismal fate of minorities in South Africa.


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