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Speech in the debate on the distribution of revenue (budget) in Parliament: South Africa heading for disaster because of ANC policy

The ANC's policy and its inability to govern has had disastrous consequences for South Africa and the only thing that can save the country from utter ruin is a new policy and approach – like the one that the FF Plus has put forward to address the crisis.

The ANC and its leadership have totally lost touch with reality and the poor people in South Africa. They say that the ANC built a united South Africa. That is a lie. The truth is that it is actually the ANC that is destroying unity in South Africa.

The ANC did great damage to South Africa by creating a corrupt political elite that has looted the country for self-enrichment.

The ANC is talking about reforms that are needed to encourage investment in South Africa. The only reform that is needed to save South Africa is to replace the ANC on the 8th of May with the general elections. The ANC is not a party that is future orientated, it is stuck in the past.

The ANC says that it is pleased with the increase in allocations to municipalities for the next five years.

That, however, is the last thing anyone should be pleased with. It means that non-payment is increasingly becoming the norm and more and more people are dependent on free services, which puts the fiscus under immense pressure. The ANC's poor policy direction and management means that there is no economic growth. Thus, unemployment is on the rise and municipalities are dependent on the national government due to defaulting residents. That is bad for South Africa, not good.

By neglecting local governments, the ANC shows that it does not really care about the poverty stricken in our country. Altogether, 220 municipalities did not spend their total capital budget for the previous financial year.

The allocation of finances does not at all address the problem of municipalities' outstanding debt to Eskom. It will have catastrophic consequences for South Africa in the foreseeable future.

Without accountable management, allocations to national departments, provinces and municipalities are stolen or are simply lost due to mismanagement. For example, in KwaZulu Natal R220 million that was earmarked for drought relief was lost and nothing was done about it.

The DA must take note that it is not the ANC that is responsible for the problems in South Africa. Rather, it is the ANC's policy and the DA's policy is sounding more and more like the ANC's.

On the 8th of May, South African voters can elect a party that offers real solutions and that fights back against the type of policy that lies at the root of all our country's problems. The only thing that can save South Africa from utter ruin is a new policy and approach and that is exactly what the FF Plus offers voters.

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