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Freedom Front Plus

South Africa now paying the price for abusing police intelligence structures for years

The attack on the Ngcobo police station in the Eastern Cape, in which five police members and a former soldier were killed, proves that criminals are no longer afraid of the police and that organised crime is getting out of hand.

It also serves as proof of the fact that South Africa is now paying the price for letting the crime intelligence structures that are supposed to uncover organised crime and syndicates go to pieces. It is no longer done properly.

It is also disturbing that criminals now have such specialised tactics that they are able to fearlessly attack a police station, murder police members, steal all the weapons and a police vehicle in addition to kidnapping two police members that were later executed. And at this stage, the offenders are still at large.

This should be a wake-up call for the government and the police to realise that the abuse of intelligence structures for political purposes has resulted in ordinary South Africans having to pay a very high price, seeing as the abuse created an environment for crime to thrive.

The FF Plus demands that drastic action be taken to bring the police to order so that they can effectively fight crime as is prescribed by the Constitution.

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