Ramaphosa abusing religion

Dr Pieter Mulder

“No political party can claim God and religion for themselves alone. This type of propaganda should be strongly condemned during this election,” Dr. Pieter Mulder, the leader of the FF Plus said.

“In addition to such a statement being offensive to religious people, the profane use of religion in this manner also borders on blasphemy. If the ANC has to use this type of argument to convince its voters, it is a clear indication of how much trouble the ANC finds itself in with its impatient supporters,” according to Mulder.

Believers know that God does not choose sides for or against any specific political party. They however know that God chooses side against corruption, against self-enrichment, against violence and the oppression of the less privileged.

Because Mr. Ramaphosa is second in command of the ANC, this remark cannot be dismissed lightly. There is an unacceptable culture with the ANC to use God’s name every time it wants to score political points.

In July last year, Jackson Mthembu, ANC spokesperson said: “God is with the ANC”. In November Gwede Mantashe, the ANC secretary general likened the ANC three-party alliance to the Holy Trinity while president Jacob Zuma had already in 2008 said that the ANC would govern until Jesus returned.

This election should be about how the economic growth rate could be increased so that more job opportunities could be created in South Africa for millions of poor people as well as how the different groups in the country could peacefully co-exist without feeling threatened. We are waiting for the ANC’s comments about these issues.

In as far as the gods and religion is being used to intimidate naïve voters that, for example, the gods would know where voters would go and vote, the FF Plus will be approaching the IEC to request that action is taken against such parties.


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