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Potholes a major cause of accidents in Ekurhuleni

Unrepaired potholes are a major cause of accidents and, consequently, deaths and injuries in Ekurhuleni.

The ANC/EFF-controlled Metro needs to realise that its failure to maintain roads is contributing directly to accidents and the loss of lives.

In addition, potholes also cause extensive damage to motor vehicles, particularly during the rainy season when they become hard to spot due to water pooling on roads.

The FF Plus finds it shocking that the Metro is not prioritising the matter.

One of the main causes of the potholes is rainwater flooding roads from blocked storm water drains – the result of a lack of maintenance.

The immensely strong water flow and pressure in the poorly maintained underground pipes may even result in sinkholes.

The poor roads, furthermore, also affect businesses because certain routes have become inaccessible. An example of a nearly inaccessible road is Middle Street in Bartlett, Boksburg.

Many vehicles have been damaged in this street running by the local soccer club.

Since the beginning of this year, the FF Plus has been pressuring the Roads and Storm Water Department to urgently pay attention to repairing potholes.

The Department provided feedback stating that it is attending to the problem, but that the backlog is almost too great to eradicate.

According to the Metro’s own records, there are about 1 760 potholes, which is a clear indication of the terrible condition of the roads.

The situation is unacceptable in the FF Plus’s view, especially because the Department budgeted nearly R110 million for repairs and maintenance, but barely spend R42 000 of it.

This underspending stands in stark contrast to the Department’s overspending on its overtime budget.

The FF Plus put pressure on the Department to explain its underspending on roads. In response, the Department said that the tender issued to service providers was only finalised in the first month of this quarter.

This is yet another example of the ANC and EFF’s utter inability to govern.

As for the overtime, most of it apparently relates to after-hours emergency calls to clear roads after car accidents have occurred.

The FF Plus finds it ironic, seeing as these accidents are often caused by the poor condition of the roads.

Residents have started stepping in to repair potholes themselves. Unfortunately, this is creating even bigger problems as the correct materials are not used to repair the potholes, instead, building materials such as bricks and sand are used, which causes even more damage.

The FF Plus will continue pushing for the urgent and sustainable repair of potholes, particularly through forming public-private partnerships, as well as for proper maintenance of Ekurhuleni’s storm water pipe system.



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