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Police now want new reservists

The moratorium on the recruitment of reservists for the Police has been lifted from January 2015. The minister of Police, Nathi Nhleko, said in a reply to a question in Parliament of Dr. Pieter Groenewald of the Freedom Front Plus that the Police was now recruiting reservists. At present there are 18 026 reservists in the Police. Four provinces, the Western Cape, Northern Cape, Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape had been identified as pilot provinces for the first recruitment. Further recruitment drives will be launched later in the 2015/2016 financial year.

“The four categories of reservists have been reduced to two. It is detrimental to rural security because the one category which had specifically been established for it has now fallen away. The focus is now being broadened and is no longer specifically focused on rural security. This is not in line with the National Development Plan,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’ chief spokesperson on the Police said.

“Furthermore, strict requirements are being set to qualify for a reservist’s position, but the question is whether it can be applied in practice. One requirement is that one is not allowed to have any criminal record, but there are currently full time members of the Police with criminal records and no proper action is taken against them.

“There are also certain categories of persons who are not allowed to become police reservists. Journalists, members of the private security industry, bouncers at clubs, officials of political parties, scholars, members of towing services, people involved in operating a scrap-yard, the taxi industry etc. as well as unemployed people do not qualify. One also does not qualify if one has a tattoo which will be visible if the person wears a uniform.

“South African citizens between the ages of 25 and 40 years, who have a matriculation certificate or something similar may apply and should be medically, mentally and physically fit. Former members of the Police, whose application for re-appointment had been rejected due to negative considerations, may also not apply.

“These requirements create the impression that persons with an impeccable character are sought for reservist positions, but the Police is struggling to get rid of its criminals who are full time in their midst and that is a pity,” Groenewald said.


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Minister's answer:





(1)        Whether, since his response to question 490 on 1 August 2013, any further moratorium has been placed on reservists signing on with the SA Police Service (SAPS); if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details;

(2)        what criteria have to be met by persons wishing to join the reservists of the SAPS;

(3)        will reservists be compensated for their services; if so, what remuneration will be paid to the reservists;

(4)        how many reservists are there in each category in the service of the SAPS;

(5)        whether he will make a statement on the matter?



(1)        No, a further moratorium was not placed on reservists joining the South African Reserve Police Service. The South African Police Service has commenced with the implementation of the revised reservist system and the first recruitment drive was implemented in January 2015. The following four Provinces were prioritised as pilot provinces for the first recruitment drive:


            In addition to the above certain categories of applicants may not be appointed as reservists. The following categories of persons may not be appointed as a reservist if he or she:-


            The following persons may be appointed as reservists, but subject to the following conditions:

(3)        The reservist system is a voluntary system and reservists perform duties without any remuneration in general. However, in terms of the South African Reserve Police Service Amendment Regulations: GNR 765 of 15 October 2013, the National Commissioner may, if he or she deems it necessary in order to achieve the objectives referred to in Section 205 (3) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act No, 108 of 1996), call up reservists to perform specific duties for which they may be remunerated.


(4)       The following number of active reservists per category is currently on the strength of the South African Police Service:




The South African Police Service is currently in process of aligning the former categories of reservists to the categories as determined in National Instruction 2/2014, where after the system will be updated accordingly.


(5)       No




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