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Omicron: Previous draconian restrictions have destroyed economy to such an extent that imposing further restrictions is basically not an option

The FF Plus welcomes the fact that a higher lockdown level was not announced; South Africa simply cannot afford it due to the severe damage caused to the country's economy by the previous stringent lockdown regulations.

This was evident in the desperate pleas from the alcohol industry, among others, saying that further restrictions would have disastrous consequences.

President Cyril Ramaphosa's earnest appeal to countries that have imposed a travel ban on South Africa makes it clear that even the ANC government now realises that South Africa cannot afford any more damage to its economy.

It is regrettable, though, that the President stirred up uncertainty about the immediate future with his statement that the Covid Command Council will meet again within a week's time to discuss the events relating to the pandemic as they continue to unfold.

It is reminiscent of last year when stricter restrictions were imposed in the month of December when people had already made holiday plans and bookings or had already been away on holiday. Clarity must be provided as soon as possible.

The FF Plus agrees that people need to accept the fact that the Covid-19 virus is here to stay and that ways must be found to live with it and survive.

In this regard it is important to strike a balance between living according to the new normal and saving lives. Therefore, a new and intensified focus on clinical treatment and a comprehensive vaccination campaign are needed.

In the FF Plus's view, making vaccinations mandatory will not achieve the desired effect, on the contrary, it will only arouse opposition.

Getting vaccinated must remain one's own, free choice. Effective communication through an appropriate campaign aimed at motivating and persuading people to vaccinate will achieve a much more positive outcome in the fight against Covid-19.




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