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North West’s dilapidated road infrastructure is destroying towns’ economies

The serious decay of roads and streets in the towns along North West's main economic routes is slowly but surely destroying the province's local economies.

Main routes, like the N12, run through various towns and make a significant contribution to local economies, right through from the hospitality to the energy industry.

However, tourists and trucks are increasingly forced to make use of alternative routes due to the terrible condition of roads and streets.

It is an absolute shame that local municipalities have allowed the road infrastructure to decay to such an extent that local businesses are losing a large portion of their potential clients.

A good example of this is the section of the N12 route that runs through Wolmaransstad.

The town's streets are basically ruined due to a lack of maintenance.

The Maquassi Hills Local Municipality, which serves Wolmaransstad, Leeudoringstad, Makwassie and Witpoort, has been plagued by instability, corruption and mismanagement for a long time.

While the road infrastructure and general municipal services are going to ruins, and the Municipality is bankrupt for all intents and purposes, the ANC continues to serve only its own interests.

Municipal council meetings are, for instance, held at a luxurious four-star tourism destination 30km outside Wolmaransstad, while the Municipality does have all the necessary facilities.

Furthermore, the ANC's energy is spent on internal struggles and awarding tenders to cadres.

There is no sign of service delivery, infrastructure maintenance or serving the interests of the people.

ANC-controlled municipalities in North West are characterised across the board by corruption and mismanagement.

Placing these municipalities under Section-139 administration is, however, not the solution to the problem as it only results in further cadre deployment and mismanagement.

The FF Plus demands that decisive action must be taken to ensure that the dysfunctional municipalities perform their constitutional duty towards residents.

The decay of towns and local economies must be brought to an end.



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