New approaches are needed to develop expertise for economic growth

Adv Anton Alberts

A new approach is needed to develop expertise in order to unlock the door to economic growth in South Africa, seeing as thus far the ANC government has only reaped without sowing.

South Africa’s economy presently finds itself at a crossroads – one way leads to economic growth and social cohesion, while the other leads straight to despair and decline and unfortunately that is the path that the government has opted to take.

For 23 years, the ANC has followed an economic plan of redistribution that was not sustainable seeing as there was no development. The country finds itself at the edge of a fiscal cliff while the plundering of state assets simply continues.

The only way out of this crisis is to prioritise economic growth. And the prerequisite for that is excellent basic and higher education. This has been proven by many states that have increasing levels of income, like South Korea, Taiwan and Australia. On a lighter note, one can say that Australia is managing its economy much better than its cricket team at the moment.

The opposite is also true: if we managed our economy as well as the Proteas play cricket, then we would not need to have this debate. Unfortunately, the ANC’s answer to our current crisis is to apply more of the same economic quackery: redistribution … until we are left with nothing but poverty to redistribute.

The co-called equality in Zimbabwe is a good example: everyone in the country are equally poor and starving while the governing elite live in luxury. That is what is in store for South Africa if we don’t move away from redistribution and expropriation without compensation towards economic growth and prosperity.

Thus far, the ANC has been blind to the disaster that lies ahead. This also means that the government has expropriated the country’s inhabitants’ hope for a better future, social cohesion and the peace agreement that was negotiated in 1994.

However, South Africa can avoid ending up like Zimbabwe. But first, the youth will have to get world-class education. Appointments must be made based on merit and not race. We need to prepare for the fourth and fifth industrial revolutions.

Robots are here to stay. They are getting smarter by the day and will make up the labour force in the future. So, we have every reason to stand together and to collectively follow the correct economic path: the path of the free market, growth, proper training and merit as well as a sustainable way to uplift the poor.

This is a call for the ANC to wake up from its socialist dream before the entire country is pushed over the communist edge.

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