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Member statement in parliament: Correctional services and demographics

The ANC today should tell the people of South Africa, and in particular the brown community, that they respect their right to define themselves. It is not for the ANC to decide this.

The ANC’s secretary general, Gwede Mantashe, recently told brown people that they have to accept that they are actually black. He merely decided for them. Political expediency to garner votes, when it suites them.

When it however comes to the Department of Correctional Services, the ANC however decides that brown people are not black enough to get jobs or to be promoted in the new South Africa, where race, more than ever, has become the determining factor for nearly everything.

Mantashe thinks brown people are stupid and that he can abuse them. The same ANC that tells them they are black has policies that discriminate against them. Tomorrow this issue will be heard by the Constitutional Court. This court has to decide in a case in which ten workers of the Department of Correctional Services, together with Solidarity are fighting against the consequences of Affirmative Action, which seriously disadvantages brown and white people.

The ten are PJ Davids, CF February, AJ Jonkers, LJ Fortuin, GM Baartman, DS Pekeur, TS Abrahams, DR Jordaan, JJ Kotze and DMA Wehr. The case however is about much more than only these ten people. This case can be decisive for the future of all brown people, especially in the Western Cape, where they are the majority.

The Freedom Front Plus therefore gives its full support to these people who have to fight against the oppression of Affirmative Action.


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