Mabuza indicates new direction for government concerning power generation

Dr. Wynand Boshoff

The FF Plus welcomes deputy president David Mabuza's view of independent power suppliers and the role that they can play in the country. The party hopes that this view will be taken even further and that power generation in South Africa will be opened to all.

In response to a question regarding the possible economic downgrading of South Africa by international agencies, the deputy president referred to load shedding as a chief detrimental factor.

He said that the country's ability to generate power has decreased due to the age of power plants.

He then mentioned independent power generators as a source that could help make up the deficits so as to stabilise the country's power supply.

This is a very important change in direction from the government's side – a change that the FF Plus has been advocating for quite some time now. The party is, thus, looking forward to the announcement of the new Integrated Resource Plan and to see how much further the government is willing to move in this new direction.

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