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Government’s wage bill milking fiscus dry

The government's wage bill is busy devouring the money that is supposed to keep the country going in ever-increasing chunks while trade unions are demanding even greater portions. And still the private sector and white people are made the scapegoats for the country's problems.


Everybody knows it and the government acknowledges it and makes promises. And yet absolutely nothing happens. At present, the government's wage bill comprises 34% of the national budget. That means that R340 out of every R1000 that the government spends goes to paying salaries.


In the period from 2006/07 to 2018/19, salaries more than tripled from R154 billion to R518 billion. Government employees who earn more than R1 million annually increased from 9 600 to 29 000 during the same period.


And yet the private sector is frequently criticised and blamed for the ANC's own failures. The private sector is the biggest job creator in South Africa despite the massive obstacles that the government puts in its way.


The average salary in the private sector is R273 000 per annum. The average salary in the public service is R393 000 per annum.


The private sector contributes greatly to job creation and growing the country's economy. The government, however, does not. Maybe the time has come for the government to look at the private sector's example when it comes to management and personnel matters so that it can get its house in order.


The attempts made by the Department of Public Service and Administration to combat corruption and fraud by prohibiting officials from doing business with any government institutions are welcomed even though it should actually be a given.


The progress made by the Office of Standards and Compliance in the public service is also welcomed, but it goes without saying that one would expect the government to deliver work that complies with the prescribed rules and standards.


Another big problem is the total lack of accountability. The root of this problem lies in political cadre appointments.


The state coffers are empty.  There are no more reserves left and the country simply cannot continue in this way. Rules and regulations must be adhered to. Laws are not just guidelines.



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