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Government becoming ruthless about transformation

The government’s announcement that it will be taking nearly 1 500 companies to court because they neglected to adhere to legal requirements on employment equity is nothing other than racist social engineering,” Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on Labour said.

The Commission for Employment Equity today announced that the department of labour will be taking action against these companies as they did not report on their targets for employment equity.

Fines of up to R15 billion or 2% of the relevant company’s annual turnover can be issued.

Adv. Alberts said the reality is that there are not enough skilled black people readily available to be taken up by all the companies and increasingly incompetent people have to be appointed merely because they are black.

“This is nothing other than racism. The country’s economy cannot afford private companies, which is an extremely important pillar of the country’s economy, to be undermined like this.

“In addition, the public service is lagging behind in correcting the imbalances against white and brown workers. There is at present an under-representation of white and brown people on all levels in the public service. The government should first sweep before of its own door.

“Even in the private sector there are too few white and brown workers in junior positions. Why is this not also being addressed? The ANC is clearly busy taking notice of the black imbalances in the labour market, which is pure racism.

“The view regarding white over-representation on more senior labour levels does not paint a true picture as black people are over-represented on all other levels, especially in the public service.

“The FF Plus will be writing to the minister of Labour to find out why only certain interests are being addressed. South Africa has more than just black people,” Adv. Alberts says.


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