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Formula One: SA goes from international hero to zero due to ties with Russia

The fact that Formula One (F1) has turned its back on South Africa due to the country’s ties with Russia shows that in the world’s eyes, South Africa has gone from hero to zero and is no longer welcome in the international community.

This also begs the question of whether F1’s withdrawal could possibly be part of a much greater sport boycott, like the one experienced during the previous dispensation.

The FF Plus has been pointing out for quite some time that South Africa’s sportspeople are severely affected by political interference and quotas, just like during Apartheid, which has a disruptive impact on every national team in the country.

In addition to this, the apparent cancellation of the F1 flushed an enormous potential economic injection, which could have amounted to billions for Gauteng and South Africa, down the drain.

According to market research, the E-Prix in February provided a boost of more than a billion rand to Cape Town’s economy, so the possible influx of billions also beckoned for Gauteng.

Equally important is the status that comes with hosting an F1 race, particularly seeing as Africa does not currently feature on this prestigious sport’s calendar.

The last race took place in Africa about 30 years ago on the Kyalami circuit and the expectation was that it would continue again on this iconic racetrack next year.

According to media reports, F1 withdrew the race from South Africa due to allegations that weapons had changed hands between South Africa and Russia.

As well as the fact that the ANC government is apparently considering offering immunity to President Vladimir Putin of Russia with the upcoming BRICS summit in South Africa.

Mr Stefano Domenicali, chief executive officer of F1, made his stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine abundantly clear last year by immediately removing Russia from the racing calendar.

According to the sporting website ESPN (Formula 1 CEO: ‘No more racing in Russia’ – 23 August 2022), Domenicali said, among other things, that he can “promise for sure” that there will be no more F1 racing in Russia.

He also added that F1 will also not “negotiate” with the Russians about the matter.

The noose around the ANC government’s neck is slowly but surely tightening. Over the years, the world had already taken note of the ANC’s destruction and is now, finally, taking action. It could possibly have a snowball effect.

Just a few weeks ago, the American ambassador Reuben Brigety launched an unprecedented attack on the government for allegations relating to arms deals with Russia.

And now F1 has turned its back on South Africa. This is the beginning of the end for the ANC and voters can help to nail its coffin shut at the polls next year.

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