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FF Plus’s pleas for opportunities for people with disabilities in Gauteng bear fruit

The FF Plus's constant pleas in the Gauteng Legislature for the provincial government to do more to create economic opportunities for people with disabilities have finally fallen on fertile land.

The Legislature's Committee on the Premier's Office, which oversees the entire provincial government, decided during a meeting earlier today that a focused intervention study will be conducted into the matter.

The study's aim is to advise the government on how to create more viable economic opportunities for people with disabilities.

Thus far, government has been trying to create opportunities by setting a very low target of 7% for the allocation of government contracts to people with disabilities.

Despite the low target, the provincial government only succeeded in achieving a mere 0,55% of the 7% target in the 2022 financial year.

The ANC government's poor performance as regards people with disabilities is, of course, an annual phenomenon.

It has become abundantly clear to the FF Plus that people with disabilities' needs are no more than an afterthought for the ANC, therefore, the party set out to emphasise the importance of their needs in every committee meeting where these targets were discussed.

The FF Plus is consequently overjoyed that the Committee on the Premier's Office unanimously decided to investigate the economic needs of people with disabilities.

The FF Plus pointed out that the investigation must be holistic.

It must identify all aspects of the challenges faced by people with disabilities to find solutions that government can implement.

The FF Plus will monitor the process to ensure that tangible solutions are found and implemented to drastically improve the lives of people living with disabilities in Gauteng.



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