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FF Plus Youth in Gauteng establishes its very first hearing-impaired youth branch

Yesterday evening (26 August 2020), the FF Plus Youth in Gauteng officially established its very fist hearing-impaired youth branch in Pretoria. The new members are enthusiastic about joining the party and serving their community.

The group of 14 young men and women participated in the meeting by means of sign language and this clearly demonstrates the FF Plus's policy to promote minority rights in South Africa.

Under the leadership of chairperson Quintin Erasmus, the FF Plus Youth once again committed itself to the community of people who are vision and hearing impaired and undertook to promote their rights.

South Africa's population includes approximately 600 000 people who are hearing impaired and whose mother tongue is South African Sign Language (SASL) and, thus, sign language and braille are just as important as any other official language.

A few interesting facts:
• There are about 40 schools for the hearing impaired in South Africa.
• Approximately 90% of deaf children's parents are not hearing-impaired.
• Only about 30% of one's speech is visible on one's lips for lipreading.

The new branch indicated that it would like to see blind people have access to ballots in braille during elections so that they are not dependent on Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) officials.

The establishment of the party's first hearing-impaired branch proves that circumstances outside of one's control do not mean that one cannot take control of your future.

The FF Plus Youth will make room for and include the vision and hearing impaired in other towns and cities as well.

Contact details: 079 224 7321



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