FF Plus will submit a complaint to the Consumer Commission about e-toll accounts

Adv Anton Alberts

“The Freedom Front Plus will be submitting a complaint to the National Consumer Commission (NCC) about the problems which road-users and residents of Gauteng are experiencing with e-toll accounts. These complaints form part of the party’s continued opposition to toll roads and the assistance which the party offers to road users in their struggle against the abuse of the system by SANRAL,” Adv. Anton Alberts, the Freedom Front Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on Transport says.

The party will be asking the NCC on behalf of consumers to look at, amongst others, the following problems which road-users have experienced to date:


  • reminders which have been forwarded to people unlawfully after contact details of consumers had been obtained from illegally acquired database’s;


  • the incorrect and improper breakdown of costs in accounts which have been sent to consumers;


  • accounts and reminders which have wrongfully been sent to people who had not made use of toll-roads;


  • the offering of an unsolicited product and service and the forcing of consumers to purchase e-toll tags due to higher prices for un-registered road-users;


  • the difference in tariffs raised in the Afrikaans and English versions of the regulations; and


  • the double payment required from persons who have trailers attached, such as caravans and utility trailers.

    The FF Plus will, at a media conference this week, launch a website where consumers could register their problems with SANRAL accounts. The FF Plus will then assist consumers to submit their complaints to the Consumer Commission. People can however currently contact the party at help@vf.co.za to request assistance with their problems with SANRAL accounts.


    Contact no.: 082 391 3117 / 083 419 5403

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