FF Plus welcomes Marais: Shows that the party is the growing alternative

Dr Pieter Groenewald

The FF Plus is a party that is committed to the protection of minority groups in South Africa and Mr Peter Marais, former Premier of the Western Cape and Mayor of Cape Town, joining the party is welcomed as it shows that the FF Plus is serious about reaching out to minorities.

Mr Marais has made himself available as candidate for the Western Cape and the party's national and provincial structures have subsequently nominated him as the Premier Candidate for the province in accordance with the required procedure.

Race-based legislation, like Affirmative Action (AA), and the discriminatory effect it has on white and coloured people in particular are a reality and, thus, it is encouraging as well as vital that there is cooperation between the different groups and the FF Plus so that we can fight back.

The FF Plus's door is open to anyone who can align themselves with the party's policy, principles and values and the FF Plus is the only party in South Africa that offers minorities a refuge and fights back for a better future for all.

Mr Marais is a seasoned politician and as Premier Candidate, he offers such expertise and experience that it undoubtedly makes him the Western Cape's top Premier Candidate.

South Africa's political landscape is busy changing and by cooperating with minority groups, the FF Plus will play an increasingly important role in replacing the ANC as part of a coalition government so as to ensure a better future for all in our country.

Contact numbers: 083 627 4397 / 065 801 7216

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