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Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus to continue its struggle against e-tolls

The struggle against the ANC government’s apparent desperate attempt to enforce the contentious e-toll system is still not a thing of the past, Adv. Anton Alberts, the Freedom Front Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on Transport says.

Outa asked the court to find that no e-tolls should be levied before a transparent and comprehensive public consultation process had been held. Judge Fritz Brand dismissed the appeal and did not make a cost judgment.

“The FF Plus is of the opinion that political pressure from the side of government did play a role in the decision handed down as president Jacob Zuma signed the E-Toll Bill just before the judges had to make a ruling in the Outa case. This sent a clear message about the government’s point of view.

“The public should however not lose hope as there is still an opportunity for Outa to turn to the Constitutional Court.

“The FF Plus will also now be contesting the E-Toll Bill in the High Court on the basis that the Bill is unconstitutional (as pointed out in a legal opinion of Adv. Alberts) and there is a strong probability of being successful with such an application,” Adv. Alberts said.

According to Adv. Alberts, he has requested president Zuma in the mean time to make the legal advice which he had received about the E-Toll Bill available to the FF Plus as the party’s information is that the president’s own legal advisors are also of the opinion that the E-Toll Bill is unconstitutional.

“The FF Plus also requests the public not to purchase e-tags as it is not a legal requirement to have an e-tag and SANRAL is merely trying to build up its own data base to make future use of e-toll accounts possible.

“Without the discs SANRAL will be forced to send accounts out to all road users. The workload will be merely to enormous and the whole system will collapse if the public refuses to buy e-tags,” Adv. Alberts says.


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