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FF Plus Member of Mayoral Committee in Tshwane Metro tackles drug abuse with the help of UP

The FF Plus recently held productive talks with the University of Pretoria (UP) about the Tshwane Metro’s Community Oriented Substance Use Programme (COSUP).

The UP and Tshwane Metro have been collaborating since May 2016 to make a success of COSUP. The UP is mainly helping with the development and implementation of the programme.

At present, there are 16 COSUP centres in the Metro that present, among other things, programmes aimed at reducing drug abuse, rehabilitation, awareness and training, medical services and post-rehabilitation support.

During the meeting, the FF Plus convinced the UP to empower local community members, with no tertiary training, to help out in their communities with drug awareness and abuse.

This notion is based on the successful launch of a similar programme in Region 1 of the Tshwane Metro, where volunteers were trained in various basic courses enabling them to provide a service to their communities.

Based on this, the UP will work on developing a unique programme to train community members so that they can participate actively in the fight against drug abuse in their respective communities.

The COSUP programme is already part of full-time and post-graduate students’ respective study directions.

Some of these students, however, come from other parts of the country or even from abroad and can, therefore, not make any contribution to the communities in the Tshwane Metro.

So, training and empowering Tshwane community members will be extremely valuable in combating drug abuse in the Metro.

So far, cooperating with the UP has enabled the Metro to implement a proven strategy through the COSUP programme to combat drug abuse and assist those who are caught up in it.

The FF Plus wants to encourage all individuals who need help to report to one of the Metro’s COSUP centres.



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