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Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus demands strict action against striking truck drivers’ economic sabotage on N12 near Bloemhof

The FF Plus demands urgent intervention and action against those who have been blocking the N12 near Bloemhof with trucks since yesterday and are thus paralysing this important transport route.

Their unlawful conduct amounts to economic sabotage.

At the first signs of the unlawful blocking of the road, the FF Plus immediately contacted North West's provincial police authorities and requested them to be proactive and take the necessary steps to prevent serious traffic congestion.

Police management responded to the request and communicated with nearby towns' authorities, and trucks were redirected to alternative routes so as to avoid the strikers.

A large number of trucks were, however, already caught in the situation and the road is still blocked. Reports and allegations of the serious intimidation of truck drivers have also been received.

Meanwhile, the Public Order Policing (POP) Units have been deployed and are monitoring the situation.

The economic damage caused by this unlawful conduct is enormous.

Farmers' grain and fresh produce cannot be delivered to markets on time and other trade sectors are likewise negatively affected. Economic damage literally amounting to millions of rand is being caused.

Truck owners whose trucks are caught up in the chaos have indicated in conversations with the FF Plus that they may have to follow the example of the well-known company Massyn Transport, which closed its doors after decades owing to, among other things, such unlawful conduct.

The ANC government and law-enforcement agencies must stop treating those who blatantly violate the law and commit economic sabotage with kid gloves.

In this case, various laws are being violated and offences committed. It cannot go unpunished.

Without proper, firm and consistent law enforcement, South Africa will quickly end up in a downward spiral heading for anarchy. South Africa deserves better than the ANC.




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