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EFF rejects parliamentary tribute to Prof. TT Cloete

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) today in Parliament objected to the Freedom Front Plus’ motion without notice on the passing away of Prof. TT Cloete. All other political parties supported the motion.

Dr. Pieter Mulder, leader of the FF Plus, who introduced the motion, said, amongst others, in his motion that Prof. Cloete had as literary expert, critic, poet, playwright, prose writer and adaptor of psalms had gained a special reputation in South Africa and internationally throughout the years and it is confirmed by the world-wide reaction following his passing away.

Dr. Mulder said it is shocking and deplorable that a South African who had excelled to such an extent that he had received international recognition after his passing away, may not be given recognition by the parliament of his fatherland as a result of the EFF’s petty politics.

This action once again shows who and what the EFF truly is, and the extent to which they would be prepared to go to not give recognition to that which had ben achieved in Afrikaans and by the Afrikaner,” Dr. Mulder said.

The full motion on Prof. Cloete follows below:



I move without notice that the House


The passing away of Prof. TT Cloete on 29 July 2015 in Potchefstroom.

Further Notes:

That as literary expert, critic, poet, playwright, prose writer and adaptor of psalms, Prof. TT Cloete had over the years had built up a special reputation in South Africa as well as internationally.

The international reaction to his death, confirms this;

That Prof. Cloete had received nearly all the literary awards in South Africa for his creative work. Further, that the most important prize for Afrikaans literature, the Hertzog prize had been awarded to him on two occasions;

That as an academic, he wrote more than 200 academic publications, books, monographs and articles and for this he had received the Gustav Preller Prize and the Pieter van Drimmelen prize, amongst others;

That at the age of 56 his first volume of poetry had been printed and that he had for the last period of his life, he was primarily known as a poet. Ten volumes of poetry of his were published in this period. His poetry is highly regarded everywhere and the Hofmeyr prize had been awarded to him three times and he was, amongst others, the receiver of the Ingrid Jonker prize;

That Prof. Cloete had for ten years actively worked on the redrafting of the Psalms for which he received great praise and the Andrew Murray prize;

That, apart from the numerous awards that Prof. Cloete had received from cultural organisations the Presidential Order for Meritorious Service was awarded to him.

That in 2002 the City Council of Potchefstroom had given a special award to him and that the Northwest Education Department had awarded the Pioneer and Education Award to him in 2004, their highest award.

That Prof. TT Cloete as a prize-winning poet, translator of the Bible, literary critic and scientific researcher is honoured for the big role he had played in South Africa and in the development of the Afrikaans language.

That the House:

Expresses its sympathy with the family of Prof. TT Cloete.


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