Chief Director in public service making racist comments concerning Oscar Pistorius murder cas

Dr Pieter Mulder

Comments of Sandile Memela, chief director in the department of Arts and Culture, concerning the Oscar Pistorius murder case is shocking and racist and the FF Plus will take every possible step to call him to order, Dr. Pieter Mulder, Leader of the FF Plus says.

According to Dr. Mulder, an article appeared in Memela’s name with his photo attached in a well-known online newspaper with the heading: ‘Oscar would be a hero if Reeva were a black man’.

Memela wrote that he wondered if Pistorius would ever have been on trial if he had shot and murdered a black man. He wrote the following, amongst others:

  1.  “Had he killed a black man, would it be an issue?”
  2.  “…when some whites buy and collect guns, it is to kill two things: animals and black people. In fact, as far as some gun-toting white males are concerned, sometimes there is no distinction between the two.”
  3.  I think there wouldn’t be a trial if he had shot and killed a black man of any age. Instead, he may have been hailed as a hero and even given an award that would have read: “Here is a man who did good by shooting to kill a black thief!”
  4.  It is expected for white men to shoot and kill black men to protect their property and beloved families.
  5.  It is okay if a white man buys and collects guns to — when allegedly provoked or threatened — shoot to kill. The black man is always a suspect, a target. And for the rest of the world, it is understandable and acceptable if a white man shoots to kill to defend his land, property and family.
  6.  There is no doubt, at least, in my mind that Oscar would have been forgiven for mercilessly killing a black man who would have broken into his house.
  7.  What is another dead black man who would have been pumped with bullets for intrusion? He would have gotten what he deserved. Kill the black dog! 

According to Dr. Mulder, Memela goes ahead and says that whites have all the wealth and black people are perpetrators because they are unemployed and poverty stricken. Also because black men sometimes have a deep-seated desire for revenge for stolen land and the monopolisation of mineral resources and wealth.

“One expects these comments from no-one in this country, least of all from a senior official in the public service. We regard this as hate speech of the worst degree and form. The damage that such comments cause to nation building is immeasurable.

“The FF Plus will take every step possible to see to it that action is taken against Memela. We also insist that he is suspended immediately and that his department investigates these comments immediately,” Dr. Mulder says.


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