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Budget reveals ANC government’s misguided priorities

(Debate in Parliament: Appropriation Bill (budget))

A close analysis of the state budget once again highlights government's misguided priorities, and inevitably raises the question of whether South Africa really is a developing state under ANC rule.

The characteristics of a developmental state include, first of all, an ideology based on the need for development.

But all the ANC government does is talk about development. The reality is that corruption and incompetence are at the order of the day.

Secondly, the government leaders of a developmental state must promote the said ideology and follow a clear, economic strategy through policy.

But in circles of Cabinet, there seems to be no consensus nor clarity on this matter. On the one hand, there is Trevor Manuel's development plan and on the other, Ebrahim Patel’s new National Growth Plan.

Thirdly, there is the need for institutional ability. Once again, the opposite is true in South Africa as enterprises struggle to obtain even a simple permit to conduct business.

And then there is the issue of competence where meritocracy has been replaced with cadre deployment and incompetence.

Likewise, a neutral public service simply does not exist as appointments are made by Lethuli House.

South Africa is also not a welfare state, because education is not a priority for government.

It is against this backdrop that the budget and the ANC's misguided priorities – aimed at benefiting itself and its supporters, while 40% of the country's people are starving – must be considered.

Even though crime is on the rise, the general police budget has been increased with 4,5%, while the allocation for the protection of very important persons (VIPs) has been increased by 8%.

A staggering R3,5 billion is spent on protecting ministers and other high-ranking officials in government circles while ordinary citizens starve and are plagued by crime.

The ANC government no longer realises this. It has become completely alienated from ordinary citizens and developed an obsession with the past and skin colour. Education and healthcare are also deteriorating.

The government simply does not care about ordinary citizens. South Africa deserves better than the ANC.




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