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ANC’s racially obsessed legislation will exacerbate unemployment: FF Plus joins legal battle opposing it

The ever-rising unemployment rate in South Africa is the direct result of the ANC’s miserable failure as government.

According to the latest statistics, which were announced today, the unemployment rate currently stands at 32,9%. It was 32,7% in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Racially driven legislation, like the Employment Equity Amendment Act, will only exacerbate unemployment. The FF Plus is strongly opposed to this unconstitutional and discriminatory legislation and will, therefore, join the legal battle that Solidarity has launched against it.

The racial quotas proposed by this Act, of which draft regulations were published in the Government Gazette on Friday, will take discrimination against white, coloured and Indian citizens to new levels.

According to these regulations, strict quotas will be imposed on four job levels in eighteen different sectors, and government will have full control, by means of the Minister, over the implementation thereof.

It applies to all top and senior management members as well as professionals and skilled workers. Companies with fifty of more employees in all provinces will have only five years to fully comply with the law’s requirements.

What is particularly worrying is that unemployment has increased exponentially over the last few years in relation to the decline in every area under ANC rule.

To make up for the crisis, government is creating jobs for the black masses in an artificial manner through racial laws that exclude experts from the labour market.

One of the main reasons why the South African economy is in terminal decline is precisely the deterioration of service delivery due to incompetence.

This Amendment Act will be the final nail in the coffin for service delivery in general, and for the economy and job creation by the private sector overall.

The ANC is making desperate attempts to stop its inevitable ruin, and in the process, it is willing to take the country and all its people with it over the edge of ruin.

The ANC is like an incurable disease that is busy destroying the country.

The FF Plus is urgently calling on every single voter to ensure that they are registered to punish the ANC at the polls during the upcoming national general elections.

Only a stay-away vote will prevent the ANC from being defeated at the polls in 2024. That must not happen.



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