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New amnesty period for firearms owners on the cards

Die Redaksie

There is possibly some good news for firearm owners whose licences have expired. In response to a parliamentary question to the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, about whether he would consider granting a further amnesty period for turning in firearms, the Minister said that such a request is... Read more

International Mother Language Day: ANC targets mother-tongue education at the expense of cultural diversity

Die Redaksie

International Mother Language Day was recently celebrated. A day on which recognition is given to the importance and value of every individual’s mother language.

The theme of this year's International Mother Language Day was: “Fostering multilingualism for inclusion in education and... Read more

Dubbele standaarde van ANC en EFF oor eNCA-verslaggewer verstom

Die Redaksie

"Die dubbele standaarde van die ANC en die EFF oor die masker-voorval waarby ʼn joernalis van die tv-nuuskanaal eNCA betrokke was, is verstommend. Albei partye dring aan op optrede teen die nuuskanaal en die joernalis, Lyndsay Dentlinger," sê dr. Corné Mulder, VF Plus-hoofsweep.

"Die... Read more

Ramaphosa in staat van ontkenning oor inentingsprogram

Die Redaksie

"Dit wil voorkom of pres. Cyril Ramaphosa in ’n staat van ontkenning verkeer oor die sukses van die regering se Covid-19-inentingsprogram," sê dr. Pieter Groenewald, VF Plus-leier.

"Hy sê hy is gelukkig met die vordering wat daarmee gemaak word, maar die realiteit is dat daar tot ... Read more

Begroting 2021: Kosmetiese skuiwe gaan land se sinkende ekonomiese skip nie red

Die Redaksie

"Dit is duidelik dat Suid-Afrika in ʼn ernstige finansiële verknorsing is en dat die land se ekonomiese skip besig is om te sink wat staatskuld en die toename in die begrotingstekort aanbetref," sê Wouter Wessels, VF Plus-LP en hoofwoordvoerder van finansies.

"Die enigste manier waarop... Read more

Budget: Healthy principles are needed to get economy back on track

Die Redaksie

The national budget, to be announced tomorrow, is of the utmost importance to get South Africa back on the right track as regards economic growth and recovery, especially after the damaging effect that ANC policy and more recently, the Covid-19 lockdown have had on every person in the country.

... Read more

Government failed miserably with vaccination programme

Philip van Staden

During today's parliamentary debate on the Covid-19 vaccination programme, the FF Plus's questions to the government were simple and straightforward: What programme? Where is the programme? And why is it kept a secret if such a programme does indeed exist?

These questions need to be asked and... Read more

Quarter after quarter, the unemployment rate is the highest ever

Die Redaksie

South Africa's most recent unemployment rate of 32,5% is once again the highest ever since Statistics South Africa (SSA) started its quarterly labour force survey in 2008.

Quarter after quarter, new record lows and highs are logged for unemployment.

Although the number of employed people in South ... Read more

Expropriation Act: Last opportunity for public comment must be used to strengthen FF Plus’s hand for political battle ahead

Dr Pieter Groenewald

The FF Plus is calling on the public to make use of the opportunity to comment on the Draft Land Expropriation Amendment Bill before the final deadline of 28 February this year.

The greater the public opposition against the Bill, the more the FF Plus's hand will be strengthened for the political... Read more

Mpumalanga government demonstrates apparent misconception of legal prescripts for tenders

Die Redaksie

In the FF Plus's view, it is clear that the Mpumalanga provincial government does not understand the legal prescripts for the allocation of tenders or that it simply ignores them in order to accomplish its so-called transformation of suppliers.

During a meeting of the provincial Legislature's... Read more

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