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Freedom Front Plus

Pres. Jacob Zuma cannot remain as president of South Africa

The FF Plus welcomes the judgment of the Constitutional Court about Nkandla. It is a directive judgement with enormous implications. After today, the ANC can no longer continue with president Zuma as their leader or as president of South Africa. Today’s judgement finally breaks president Zuma’s magical hold on the ANC and people within his direct benefiting circle. No constitutional democracy can expect to be taken seriously when the highest court in the country finds that its president had broken its constitutional obligation and did not protect or respect the Constitution. President Zuma should resign immediately as president or, alternatively, be recalled by the ANC.

The crystal clear judgment of the Constitutional Court was a basic lesson in Constitutional Law and the functioning of our constitutional dispensation. The court based its judgment on nearly every argument which the FF Plus and other opposition parties had raised in the past two years in various parliamentary processes. Neither president Zuma nor the ANC majority in parliament wanted to accept these truths or take them to heart. It is now also clear why I had torn up the misdirected report of the ad hoc committee, which had found president Zuma innocent of all wrong-doing in parliament. It was also necessary that the FF Plus played its role until the end of the ad hoc committee and parliamentary processes. Through this, all other remedies had been successfully exhausted so that the Constitutional Court could afterwards be successfully approached.

It is furthermore important that the powers and competencies of the Public Protector (PP) had finally and clearly been determined. Remedial steps taken by the PP is binding unless it is set aside upon revision by a court. It will never again be necessary to listen to senseless political arguments from any majority party about this matter. Today was a good day for South Africa, and the judiciary did what is right. The onus is now on the executive and legislative authority to follow that example.


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