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Parliament’s image in tatters

The image of South Africa’s parliament is in tatters. The level of debating and interaction between parliamentary members and parties have never been so low as is currently the case.

Parliament has indeed become the topic of public jokes, and everything is a due to the blood feud between the ANC government and the real ANC youth league, draped in red and sitting in parliament under the name of the EFF, Dr. Corné Mulder, the chief whip of the FF Plus said.

Dr. Mulder, during the budget debate of Parliament, said that the EFF made it very clear in 2014 that it is their objective ‘to bring a revolution to parliament’.

“To accomplish that, they must first get rid of president Jacob Zuma, and beat the ANC. In reaction to this, the ANC has done everything in their power to protect the president and the ANC.

“This feud was conducted without any consideration for the truth, law, Constitution, parliament, South Africa or the oath which each one had taken.

“The ANC members in this parliament voted twice to protect president Zuma, voted twice to ignore the instructions of the Public Protector. In the process the law and Constitution was disregarded.

“Then they have the audacity to later say that parliament had failed in its duty. No, it isn’t everybody in parliament, it is the majority of the ANC which have failed miserably. The facts of the case were spelled out to the ANC, but they were not prepared to listen. Not one single member of the ANC spoke out against the abuses.

“The Constitutional Court judgment was no surprise. Every argument put forward in court had been previously put forward in parliament and the ad hoc committee. The facts of the case were spelled out to the ANC, but they weren’t prepared to listen.

“This blood feud will continue, and the public will in the final instance judge it,” Dr. Mulder said.


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