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Freedom Front Plus

Government must do more to ensure wellbeing of healthcare workers

The FF Plus is warning the South African government that it must urgently start doing more to look after the wellbeing of the country's healthcare workers.

It is a crying shame that these soldiers who find themselves in the frontlines in the fight against Covid-19 do not have adequate protective equipment, medicine, beds and additional help. 

The way that the government is treating healthcare workers by simply shirking its responsibility when problems arise is totally unacceptable.

As a result of the government's laxity, healthcare workers are not only overworked and frustrated at this stage, but they are also dying in the fight against this pandemic. They face and must overcome numerous challenges on a daily basis and it must be kept in mind that they are people with families too, they are not machines that can just keep going at full speed.

The FF Plus wants to make it very clear that the government must drastically change its attitude towards healthcare workers. Corruption and maladministration must be done away with and healthcare workers in hospitals and clinics must be provided with enough resources, medicine and personal protective equipment.

If the government does not change its cold-shoulder attitude to the profession, South Africa runs the risk of losing many healthcare workers and that will be to the detriment of us all.



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