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FF Plus welcomes Tourism Minister’s commitment to developing tourism sector

The FF Plus welcomes the announcement that in the future, more emphasis will be placed on developing the tourism sector.

The Minister of Tourism, Patricia de Lille, said yesterday that the Ministry and Department of Tourism will renew its focus on sustainable growth and development in this sector.

The announcement was made after she also put a stop to SA Tourism's reckless plans to spend nearly one billion rand on a sponsorship of a British soccer club, Tottenham Hotspur.

The sponsorship debacle was an international embarrassment for the country. It also highlighted the lack of accountability and mismanagement in the Ministry of Tourism, which have over the years taken root under the ANC government.

This project, as well as the race-based implementation of the so-called tourism relief fund during the Covid-19 state of disaster, made it abundantly clear that the Tourism Ministry has no grasp of its role, mandate and responsibility towards the South African tourism sector.

It is imperative that those responsible for the Tottenham Hotspur debacle and the dysfunctionality of the Ministry are held accountable.

The Minister's commitment to extending sustainable government aid and relief to the sector can unlock tourism's potential in terms of, among other things, job creation and economic growth.

The repair and development of tourism infrastructure, which has decayed tremendously under the ANC-controlled municipalities and provincial governments, must urgently be addressed.

This infrastructure was initially developed to provide affordable tourism facilities to domestic tourists.

The sector made a significant contribution to the economy until it was basically destroyed under consecutive ANC administrations in all government spheres.

The FF Plus pointed out on numerous occasions that the deterioration and decay of this sector comes down to high treason against ordinary South Africans, who are severely affected by unemployment caused by ANC governing policies.

The Minister has the opportunity to rectify that now, if she keeps her word.

The FF Plus will continue to make constructive contributions and support sustainable initiatives to restore this important economic sector.

South Africans deserve better than the ANC.




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